Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dairy Cattle

I have a deep appreciation and love for agriculture.  It may come as a surprise (or not) that dairy cattle are one of my areas of  interest. This started when I was, oh, maybe 9 or so. My dad had grown up on a family farm, and when it was sold he worked for local farms and still is doing so today. He is the one who imprinted this passion on my heart for agriculture. I started showing when I was in 8th grade. I started with pigs. My true passion came when I leased a little Jersey heifer from a local farmer. I named her Ovaltine and from the time she stepped off the trailer until our last show we were a team. We always placed well in the shows, and I have that farm to thank for lighting that spark.

Ovaltine and Ashley at the Tolland County 4-H Fair, 2002 ( maybe)

Last year I was approached by a young lady who saw the dairy show at the 4-H fair and asked if I would help her learn how to show dairy cattle. I agreed, and what I thought was going to two maybe three kids turned into seven kids and 14 heifers.  It was a great first year of learning and achieving for the kids- and I am humbled to be their 4-H leader. Each of them worked diligently with their heifers and blew me away with their hard work at the shows. As I look at starting the new 4-H year with close to 15 kids in the club and a new co-leader, I get a little excited. OK, more then a little. I have so much I want to teach them. But for now, I will look at the pictures from this year.
Lydia feeding at the 4-H Fair

Nathan showed in his first show at the Fourtown Fair

Lydia and Kaylee after showmanship

Kaylee, thank you for asking if you could show

Fourtown Fair

Fourtown Fair

THANK YOU to the parents of these kids. None of this would of happened if we did not have the support from each of you. You all deserve a blue ribbon! A special thank you to the farm who leased these animals to us. You went above and beyond for us- we are deeply appreciative for this and thank you.

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